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Host a Show

Host a Trunk Show

Bellabagu bracelets and things takes its show on the road! You can host a Bellabagu Trunk Show right in your own home.

We bring the bling, you invite some friends, lay out some snacks and drinks and we all spend an afternoon or evening surrounded by beautiful jewellery and great company.

Bellabagu bracelets and things is individually designed and handmade with sterling silver, semi precious stones, swarovski pearls and love. If you love us, consider sharing us with your friends.

Will this be a lot of work?

It's as easy as inviting your friends for any afternoon or evening get together. Our shows usually last two hours and are always casual and fun. We've done Trunk Shows for small groups or eight to ten and larger groups of twenty to thirty. Whatever works for you in that range, works for us. A few snacks, something to drink and some space for the bracelets and things to be displayed (we bring our own beautiful props!) and we're in business.

Speaking of business, is this like a Tupperware party, or what?

Oh goodness no! There's no pressure on your guests to buy, ever. And there won't be any demonstration of the jewellery's amazing burp-seal. Mainly because...it doesn't have one. It's much classier than that! But Bellabagu is happy to provide professional styling advice where wanted, and loves to help guests choose just the right piece for themselves or for someone they love. Bellabagu also takes special orders often during Trunk Shows, but usually guests who buy take home their new baubles that day. Each Bellabagu purchase comes with Jewellery Care Tips and is wrapped for you with care and panache! Bellabagu accepts cash, cheque, Mastercard and Visa. No tax.

What's in it for me?

So glad you asked! Bellabagu is happy to offer the host of a Bellabagu Trunk Show a hostess gift, along with ten percent of your show's sales toward your own purchase. And we offer a frequent host card! After your third show, you also get a ten dollar credit. We are honoured, always, to be invited into your home, introduced to your friends and given the opportunity to share our work with you.

Alright, I'm convinced. Now what?

Hurray! We're looking forward to spending some time with you! Choose a date for your Trunk Show three or four weeks in advance. Let your friends know by invitation - paper, email or Facebook, whatever works for you. You can include a link to our website in case they want to see some examples of our work before they decide whether they're interested in joining us. We generally arrive an hour before show time in order to set up.