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Marcella Bracelet

Marcella Bracelet

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Did you know anchors symbolize strength, hope and stability?

An anchor is strong, keeping you in place and not allowing you to sink. 

When an anchor rises it symbolizes hope and a new journey or adventure, where anything is possible. It can be the beginning of something small or big, and is the act of leaving the past behind.

The anchor is a symbol of stability. Dropping an anchor into the water means settling down after a journey. You drop anchor in a place where you know you belong—until you’re ready for the next adventure of course!

Marcella an Italian name meaning warlike, martial and strong. 

A charming sterling silver anchor is featured on our classic sterling silver Bella bracelet.
The bracelet has hollow, gorgeous, smooth, flat oval links and just the right amount of thickness. But because the links are hollow, the Bella bracelet is lightweight and lovely to wear on it’s own, but it makes the perfect layering piece, and would make a beautiful addition to any arm party!

Finished with a large easy to use lobster claw, that can be fastened anywhere along the links. 

Bracelet measures 7.5 inch end to end 


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