Limited Edition Herkimer Diamond Necklace

Limited Edition Herkimer Diamond Necklace

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A special piece designed and made for Bellabagu’s anniversary!

Stunning Herkimer Diamond pendant on sterling silver beaded chain, finished with a small spring ring clasp. 

Please choose length: 16 or 18 inch necklace

A perfect everyday piece to add a little sparkle and shine to your day. These gorgeous Herkimer Diamonds were each hand selected, and every piece is different. 

Now, what is a Herkimer Diamond?

Herkimer Diamonds are a form of crystal quartz, named for the location they were first discovered - Herkimer County, New York.

Herkimer Diamonds can be clear or included. Inclusions are often black carbon deposits. They differ from most quartz crystals in that they are double-terminated, not single. Herkimer Diamonds form slowly and float freely in solutions of dolomite cavaties. Because they are free floating and not connected to a base, they are able to form double pointed terminals at both ends. Double terminated  crystals are known for their extreme clarity, and are very effective tools for healing and meditation. 

Herkimer Diamonds are called "attunement stones" and are useful in attuning you with others, your surroundings, and new energies. This makes them a natural choice to assist in Reiki treatments and other types of energy work. 

Herkimer Diamonds help relieve tensions in the body, producing a peaceful calm. 

The Herkimer Diamond is a stone of release and relaxation. It helps to clear the mind/body of unconscious fears and repressions, allowing for a complete and total relaxation and expansion of life energy. 

Herkimer Diamonds can also be helpful to release and remove toxins from the body.

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