Harper Bracelet

Harper Bracelet

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A chunky looking, but lightweight feeling sterling silver double chain link bracelet with a unique oval clasp.

I love the idea of a bracelet that looks hefty, but in reality is super lightweight. The links are hollow in this piece, giving you the chunky look without any weight. 

This stunning chain link bracelet is a wardrobe staple. 
Stack it with multiple bracelets, or wear it alone for a simple, chic look. 
Made from gorgeous, large, lightweight sterling silver links and finished off with a really cool oval clasp - you just push it in to fasten it to the ring (see photo!) I love how it almost disappears into the other links and becomes part of the bracelet's design and charm. 

Wear alone, or stack with multiple bracelets, for your own look. A great addition to any arm party! 

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